Friday, October 7, 2011

Spring is coming to The Gardens

This is an amazing time of year up at The Gardens!

The weather alternates between bright sunny days where lounging on the beach is essential, and brooding stormy weather where you appreciate the library!

There is nothing quite like sitting in the lounge at night, with the lights out and watching the rain sweep across the Bay of Fires with lightning illuminating the scene and thunder rumbling.

The next day, the only evidence of its passing is the occasional broken branch. The sun is out again, the beach has been swept clean, not a footprint mars its surface until you tread. And you never know what's been thrown up on the beach by the storm.

It's also time to head down onto the flats and begin looking for the native orchids as they emerge. These are amazingly beautiful and delicate, they are also small, often no more than 100mm high, but you'll be kneeling down and admiring them ...