Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dolphins on the Move

On of the things the Happy Hookers reported was that there are dolphins in the Bay of Fires at present! I should confess that the photo above was actually taken by Jenny Cocker of a pod in Recherche Bay, further south. Dolphins, whales and seals all pass through the Bay of Fires on their migrations.

The first time I saw a large pod of over 50 dolphins on the move, I thought it was the wake from a boat, except there wasn't a boat! Dolphins make the most of being in the water. Often they seem to surf the waves.

A few years ago, a seal made its home in the Bay of Fires for several months. It could often be seen just drifting and basking in the waters off The Gardens House. Whales are regular visitors, but tend to stay further out than dolphins and seals.

Maybe you'll see some on your visit!

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