Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shameless plug ... a guilty pleasure

Some time last century (is it only me, or do other people feel funny saying that?) I was at uni and met Lew Bretz. Lew and I had quite a few opinions in common ranging from the usefulness of technology, our politicians and the quality of Tasmanian beer.

Surprisingly, neither pancakes nor elephants came up ...

Quite ironic, given that Lew and his partner Pam, now run the Mt Elephant Pancake Barn. Now this establishment is not actually at The Gardens, or even really on the way to The Gardens, but, as the name suggests, it's at Mt Elephant, just south of St Marys.

If you are coming to The Gardens through the Fingal Valley, it's only a short detour and your tastebuds will love you! The range of pancakes is extensive, through both savoury and sweet and has many unique combinations. Alternatively, it makes a good lunch stop on a day trip doing the loop south through Falmouth, up the Elephant Pass to St Marys, then back down the St Marys Pass and north to The Gardens.

If you drop in, say "hi" to Lew and Pam from me.

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