Wednesday, March 4, 2009

See The Gardens from a yacht

Unlikely as it seems, it is just possible that you might get bored with watching the waves from the shore. If that happens, then the best antidote is to try watching the land from the sea. The best way to do that is from the deck of a fully equipped cruising yacht.

Bay of Fires Sailing Cruises operate a 38 foot yacht, Running Away, out of St Helens. Now you could just take a short sail around St Georges Bay, but my pick would be a day sail up to the Eddystone Lighthouse, taking in the entire length of the Bay of Fires.

Your skipper is Alistair Bailey who fell for living in this area when he visited from the mainland. Running Away is surveyed for eight people and has two ensuite cabins.

Dolphins and seals and occasionally whales add to the enjoyment of the day. But the highlight is anchoring in the Bay of Fires and setting about crayfish and oysters. And the wine of course.

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