Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Refined encounters with nature!

This image is hosted on a website called Premier Travel Tasmania, and I had to include it because of the position the picture was taken from. It was used some years ago on a Tourism Tasmania poster and I've still got a copy of it - a bit tattered now, but still a great poster.

It's very close to the view you get from The Gardens House, in fact, I think the house would be just to the right of the tall bushes in the foreground. The tide is looking pretty much fully out, and the rocks are exposed. A good time to drop a line in from the rocks -- you can cast well out and get some flathead. You can also see Big Lagoon on the right of the photo.

I've never seen horses on the beach, other than in this photo. I don't know whether they just happened to be there or whether they were brought in for the photo shoot. Either way it's a great photo.

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