Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Refined encounters with nature!

This image is hosted on a website called Premier Travel Tasmania, and I had to include it because of the position the picture was taken from. It was used some years ago on a Tourism Tasmania poster and I've still got a copy of it - a bit tattered now, but still a great poster.

It's very close to the view you get from The Gardens House, in fact, I think the house would be just to the right of the tall bushes in the foreground. The tide is looking pretty much fully out, and the rocks are exposed. A good time to drop a line in from the rocks -- you can cast well out and get some flathead. You can also see Big Lagoon on the right of the photo.

I've never seen horses on the beach, other than in this photo. I don't know whether they just happened to be there or whether they were brought in for the photo shoot. Either way it's a great photo.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Orchids revisited

This is truly beautiful, and I had to put it up. It's a flying duck orchid (Caleana major) which you could probably have guessed from the shape of the flower. This picture was taken by Garry Richardson in the Humbug Point area, on the way from St Helens up to The Gardens.

There's no secret that The Gardens area was named by Lady Franklin because of the flowers in the area. It's when you see a shot like this that it really brings home just how lovely they are.

A stay in The Gardens in springtime is a great way to see them and wander around through them.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eastcoaster Jazz Festival

Jazz has been a part of the East Coast cultural life since 1984, when the Suncoast Jazz Festival kicked off in St Helens. Among the guest artists who have appeared at the festival in the past are Bob Barnard, Alex Hutchinson, Paul Furniss, Erie Holroyd, Tom Baker and well-known Tasmanian jazz musician lan Pearce.

In 2008, the Eastcoaster was launched and in 2009 will take place on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th October 2009 at St Helens. Information regarding this event will be available on the Hobart Jazz Club website from the 1st April 2009. Update: Alas, the Eastcoaster will be held in 2009 at the Louisville Resort at Orford.

A relaxing weekend alternating between this event and the beach would be as close as I could get to perfection ...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

See The Gardens from a yacht

Unlikely as it seems, it is just possible that you might get bored with watching the waves from the shore. If that happens, then the best antidote is to try watching the land from the sea. The best way to do that is from the deck of a fully equipped cruising yacht.

Bay of Fires Sailing Cruises operate a 38 foot yacht, Running Away, out of St Helens. Now you could just take a short sail around St Georges Bay, but my pick would be a day sail up to the Eddystone Lighthouse, taking in the entire length of the Bay of Fires.

Your skipper is Alistair Bailey who fell for living in this area when he visited from the mainland. Running Away is surveyed for eight people and has two ensuite cabins.

Dolphins and seals and occasionally whales add to the enjoyment of the day. But the highlight is anchoring in the Bay of Fires and setting about crayfish and oysters. And the wine of course.