Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Busting out at The Gardens

One of the fun things about Big Lagoon is that it is usually blocked off from the sea. This makes it comparatively safe for young swimmers. However, as with most lagoons there are a couple of creeks feeding into it, and the level oscillates and eventually rises until the water is lapping at the base of the roadway on the little bridge we use to get to The Gardens.

When that happens, the local council sends a bloke along with a shovel, and he digs a narrow trench -- just two shovel widths wide -- to release the water. Now, with the amount of water backed up in the Lagoon and the nature of the loosely packed sand, the trench doesn't stay narrow for much time. Away it goes! Click on the photo above to see it full size. That's about an hour or so after the trench was dug.

All of a sudden, the nature of the beach has changed again. The channel from Big Lagoon has now become a water chute you can have fun in with boogie boards.

This is very much a temporary phenomenon and in a few weeks Big Lagoon will be sealed off again and the water will begin to build behind it for a year or so, and then the whole things starts again!

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