Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Lagoon - a safe alternative

Pounding surf is not for everyone, and The Gardens area caters for that as well. Close by the surf beach, about 300 metres from The Gardens House, is Big Lagoon. Yes, it's not a very imaginative name, but you've got the English to thank for that, specifically Lady Franklin ... I'll tell you about that another time.

Big Lagoon is a couple of kilometres long and really deserves its name, regardless of the lack of imagination. More importantly, there's a great place for kids to get into some supervised water play up at the beach end. It's shallow, clean sand, no current - ideal for kids to muck about in. It is water, and they should be supervised at all times though.

Because the lagoon opens to the sea occasionally, fish get in and it's also a good place for junior fishers to drop a line in and try their luck and develop their skills.

The surrounding sandy beaches provide a very comfortable area for the adult supervisors to relax and enjoy the antics.

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