Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Watch out for Wombats!

The title of this entry can be taken two ways - look for them, and look after them. There are quite a few wombats in The Gardens area, especially down on the flat near Big Lagoon. They have also been seen around The Gardens House, especially around sundown. They are fairly regular in their habits, so if you see one, note the time, it may well be back at around the same time the following day. Bear in mind that they don't have watches, so if the following day is significantly different in terms of cloud cover, then that may not work.

Wombats are the Mack trucks of the marsupials - it's not that they carry stuff around, but they are solid and determined and their natural response when disturbed is to hunch down for a while, then continue on their course. If you are driving, always give way to them - if for no other reason but self interest. Look at their size, imagine hitting a rock about that size - it won't be quite that bad but you'll know you hit one!

This habit of keeping to their course means they will walk quite close to you, which is a great way for kids to see them, but they're not toys, so look and learn, but let them go as they wish. If you find an abandoned young one, contact the Parks and Wildlife Service, they do need special care.

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